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Building a strong brand is essential to success in the global marketplace. By creating a recognizable brand, you can create loyalty among customers and encourage them to choose your business over the competition.


A business needs to be funded in order to have the resources necessary to grow and succeed. Funding allows a business to invest in new products, services, and technologies that can help it stay competitive in the marketplace.


Scaling a business can increase revenue by expanding a company’s reach and customer base.

meet jaha knight

jaha Knight is the Branding Amazon. She is an experienced branding expert who helps creative entrepreneurs build and fund their brands. She has a strong background in business strategy and helps clients develop signature products and services. She is passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs secure the necessary funding to make their dreams become reality.

signature services

jaha Knight provides entrepreneur development services to aspiring, new and established creative entrepreneurs in a safe, high-energy environment leaving them equipped and empowered.



jaha Knight talks about the power of creative entrepreneurs developing a unique and fundable brand.

training programs

  • Turn Your Dreams into Revenue Streams
  • Entrepreneurs Just Wanna Have Funds
  • Create Like an Artist, Brand Like a Boss

services provided

  • Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Self-Paced Programs
  • Speaking
  • Workshops

clients have appeared on:


Working with jaha was a great experience! She quickly understood our unique business needs and provided us with solutions that helped us achieve our goals. She provided us with creative ideas and clear direction every step of the way. We could not be happier with the results!

-Patricia Jones

jaha and her team were instrumental in helping us to identify our target audience and discover ways to engage them. Their strategic insight and passion for branding was evident in all the work they did for us. We will highly recommend them to anyone looking for to build a business!

-Mecca Bankcroft

We had the great pleasure of working with jaha and her team. jaha is brilliant! Both she and her team were able to take our ideas and transform them into a comprehensive branding strategy that we are proud of. Their attention to detail and dedication to their craft was evident in the results and we couldn't be happier!

-Kim Williams

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