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 welcome to the insider's guide to erasing the ceiling on your earning potential

Branding your Business.
Honing in on your Target Audience.
Developing Products.
Opitimizing your Services.
Marketing your brilliance.
Selling without stress. 
You want a results-oriented solution to start and grow your business so that you can:
Increase your revenue
Generate more profit
Build your influence
That's what we specialize in.

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about jaha...
I help my clients (purpose partners) create marketable, measurable and monetized opportunities in their business. I plug revenue holes, set up marketing systems and cultivate client retention. This helps potential purpose partners like you to increase your ability to serve your target audience, hire the clients you really want to work with and promote yourself as a leader in your niche.
I'm jaha...and I am a Business Growth Strategist. I've been in business over 14 years. My background is in marketing, management and education. I started my business...
Atlanta, GA 
Propel your business forward and capitalize on the REAL power of marketing...

Kids, groceries, the job, the family, social obligations. Sometimes your business gets buried under the weight of all the other responsibilities on your shoulders.

And you keep hearing everyone talk about systems and automating your marketing but you have no idea where to start.

Well now is the time for you to triple your traction in your business.
This live 3-Hour live workshop is designed to help you achieve success like never before in your business. A Triple Your Traction Workshop is not a motivational event, it's about you...getting the work done on your marketing system by implementing a true-strategy for your mailing list, setting up marketing funnels with focused traffic.
No distractions.
No interruptions.
Just focused work to plug the marketing holes in your business. We're flexing the "do it" muscle so you can have more clients and more cashflow.

And let's not forget about the collaborative relationships you'll form on this high level work day.

Warning - the Triple Your Traction Days are highly addictive, highly focused and highly productive.
stop being the world's best kept secret
Build a Brand that Allows You to Have Exposure, Opportunity & Increased Profits
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